Unvaxxer is a Social Media Community created for people that have been censored and banned from major tech platforms. We believe your medical autonomy is sacred and you should never be censored or banned for sharing information that is outside the scope of the mainstream narrative. There is an agenda upon us, and we will expose it by resisting the tech censorship and the  deplatforming of what the mainstream dinosaur media calls “unpopular voices”.

Meet like-minded, freedom loving individuals from all around the world, join or create a group, connect with friends, share links and articles, participate in our forums, private message members. We even have a dating aspect of the community where you can search for and meet like-minded unvaccinated singles. Currently 67% of the world population has received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, finding a mate that hasn’t had the jab is now more work than you think. Sign up and contribute to the community, invite your friends. We are not allowed to be on the major tech platforms to advertise in any way so we rely on your word of mouth and search engines like Duck Duck Go.

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