COVID Spike Proteins Suppress Natural Immune Response, Says Researcher


The reason why so many vaccinated individuals in Israel are becoming reinfected with COVID-19 can be explained by the spike protein buildup in the body and its effect on the immune system, according to an independent researcher’s analysis.

“The ‘robust immune response’ generated by the spike protein may come at a lethal cost,” began Walter Chestnut, who drew his conclusions from a peer-reviewed scientific study and an informative lecture.

Citing a paper from the Journal of Bacteriology & Parasitology, Chestnut pointed out that “the Spike Protein has deleterious effects on telomerase, impairing its synthesis. With this activity is inhibited, it takes time for the inevitable immune cell exhaustion to appear.”

In other words, the presence of the COVID spike proteins slow the body’s ability to replenish its natural immune system function.

“This may be the signature Trojan Horse ‘gift’ of the spike,” Chestnut wrote. “Whatever short-lived immune response is fool’s gold replacing the ability of the immune system to replenish itself. This explains what we are currently observing in Israel.”

“In fact, all of the long term effects of SARS-CoV-2 infection suggest that the spike protein may be chronically present in some, continually suppressing telomerase.”

“We are basically seeing the effects of CHEMOTHERAPY with the spike protein. But in a very unique way. Quickly replicating cells are being exhausted,” he added. “Repeated injections will almost certainly be lethal.”

Despite the fact Israel was one of the first nations to implement a vaccine program and that over 80% of its adult population has gotten the jab, COVID cases are still rising, mostly among the vaccinated.

Watch this lecture by Nobel Prize laureate Elizabeth Blackburn breaking down these key findings:

Read the Journal of Bacteriology & Parasitology study:

Dr. Richard M Fleming joins guest host Mike Adams to break down how COVID-19 is a spike protein bioweapon.

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  1. The Covid Spike Protein is the toxin. It is basically snake venom, which Texas Dr. Bryan Ardis exposed in the documentary movie called Watch The Water, which came out this year in 2022, and went viral. Had people in the so called Truth Community talking. The same treatment used to treat snake poison works on Covid, and it was never a respiratory virus to begin with.

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