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Unvaxxer is like a breath of fresh air (pun intended: no masks here!). A clean and simple design with ready to use features we are sure you will love. The #1 Unvaccinated Dating site on the planet.

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Unvaxxer is the leader in unvaccinated dating for humans who believe in freedom of choice for what's best for their bodies.

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Dating is tough, it’s even tougher now that vaccines are being mandated in many parts of the world. The dating pool has now shrunk immensely for those that are looking to avoid dating someone injected with deadly spike proteins and other unknown ingredients. 

In a world where big tech is censoring, shutting down apps, groups and banning people from using their 1st Amendment rights, it’s time for a platform to make true connections with those of like-mind, who believe Freedom of choice over what they do with their own body is always preferable over a medical tyranny.

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