Mom Called ‘Liar,’ Censored After Exposing Teen Son’s Myocarditis Diagnosis Following COVID Shot

by Adan Salazar

October 5th 2022, 2:04 pm

This is a story the mainstream media and Big Pharma shills don’t want you to learn about!

A concerned American mother says she was censored on social media and called a liar when she attempted to highlight her 14-year-old son’s myocarditis vaccine injury.

Speaking with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Monday, mom Emily Ekanayake explained her son Aiden suffered myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart muscle, shortly after receiving his second dose of Pfizer’s experimental mRNA jab.

“Following his second dose, he woke up in the middle of the night with chest pain. We had known that this was a possibility, just hearing signals out of Israel, so immediately took him to the emergency room where his troponin was elevated, his EKG was abnormal,” Ekanayake detailed.

“Long story short, he was admitted to the acute cardiac floor. Scariest moments of my life, of course. His troponin continued to increase during our stay. So, he stayed four days and then had months of inactivity, follow-ups with different specialists. It’s been life-altering for us.”

Despite enduring the nightmare and being admittedly pro-vaccine, Ekanayake said she was labeled a “liar” when she tried to expose her son’s condition on social media.

“What was the reaction that you got when you said, ‘My son had his heart damaged by a Covid vaccine?’” Carlson asked.

“‘You’re a liar,’ or you’re censored on Twitter,” Ekanayake responded. “I don’t know if you have the pictures of my son, but I was very pro-vaccination, one of the first out of the gate. And then I was ostracized because my son was injured, no fault of my own, and it’s been an eye-opening experience. Hurtful.”

Tucker continued to point out the irony, saying, “You were not an anti-vaxxer, as they say… This was all voluntary, and when there was a downside to it and your son was almost killed by it, you were attacked.”

“Right,” Ekanayake agreed.

“This began on my Twitter feed, sharing pictures of my son getting vaccinated, how excited I was. And then, you know, unfortunately, he was one that had the side effect or the adverse event. When I shared that, it was met with ‘You’re a liar,’ I was actually censored on social media, blocked by people. The medical community has kind of pushed me to the side before they embraced me — I’m talking about on social media.”

“You do the right thing, and then you’re pushed to the side and left all alone. It’s just been a horrible experience. Nothing I could have ever imagined,” she added.

Aiden’s tragic story was also covered in a March 2022 National Geographic article titled, “Why is it so hard to compensate people for serious vaccine side effects?” which followed Emily’s uphill battle to receive compensation from the US government for her son’s vaccine injury.

From the start, 14-year-old Aiden Ekanayake and his mom Emily didn’t question whether Aiden would get a COVID-19 vaccine. “We take COVID extremely seriously, so our plan has always been to vaccinate,” Emily says. Aiden was “pretty excited for it” because it meant doing more activities and worrying less about getting sick. And though Emily had heard about possible side effects, she knew they were usually mild.

Aiden got his first dose of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine on May 12, 2021, the day it came available for people his age. Four weeks later he got his second dose. The very next day Aiden began feeling mild chest pain. He dismissed it, assuming it was related to his asthma, but the pain kept waking him up that night.

“I began to get frightened because I was able to fall back asleep and then woke up an hour later with the same pain,” Aiden says. He woke his mother at dawn, and Emily recognized the signs of myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart known to occur in rare cases after the Pfizer vaccine.

Aiden spent four days in the acute cardiac unit at their local hospital, where he was given anti-inflammatory drugs for the pain. After discharge, Aiden discovered that any activity that raised his heart rate could still trigger mild chest pain. Though he’s expected to fully recover, his parents are watching the medical bills roll in, despite their insurance coverage. “We did everything we were told to do, and we shouldn’t be paying the price in more than one way,” Emily says. “It’s adding insult to injury.”

Emily discovered that two U.S. programs exist for compensating people with severe side effects likely caused by immunizations. But only one of these programs covers COVID-19 vaccines, and so far it hasn’t actually paid any claims. Some experts question whether it ever will. This ambiguity isn’t just a problem for those with injuries. When people don’t know if they’ll be compensated for legitimate vaccine injuries, or when those who do get them feel dismissed and abandoned, it erodes vaccine confidence.

Ekanayake told Nat Geo she’s withholding vaccines for her other children until she can determine whether there’s a genetic factor behind his severe adverse reaction.

In the meantime, parents should take heed of Ekanayake’s story and carefully weigh the risks when it comes to the experimental Covid jab.

Infowars documented Ekanayake’s transition from pro-vax to pro-informed consent following her son’s myocarditis diagnosis in November 2021.

“I admit it, I used to shame ‘anti-vaxxers’… My life and perspective changed on a dime when my kid came into my room with chest pain two days after his second dose,” she wrote on Twitter last year.

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