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  1. I’m not against Trump in anyway, but he does need to come out and disavow the vaccines, because they are now injecting them in small children, and people are dying. I can’t be about that.

    1. I strongly agree with you ! Why did he say, “ My blood 🩸 is the vaccine?”
      I have a feeling he knows the truth about the Clot Shots but he’s getting a kickback just like the rest of the Clan!
      He’s a business man!

    2. Unfortunately Trump won’t disavow the vaccines because he has too much pride, and is stubborn. Also most of the politicians have sold out to big pharma anyway.

  2. Trump is a liar with an ego as tall as Trump Tower. He is very messed up man. He is responsible along with Fauci, Gates, and a hundred others for the mass murder and injuries suffered in millions of people…from the covid injections. Prison terms for all of them.

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